Robots and rodents

Young minion Z (I've decided that's the easiest way to refer to him), really has quite a talent for this robotics thing! I accompanied him back to his dorm room and he was showing me his work. It was quite impressive. Perhaps he's worth keeping around after my power acquisition after all. He already had the framework for a metallic suit set up and had made good progress in developing some miniaturized weaponry. The armor frame was far too short for me, so after a (minor) threat of force minion Z has agreed to re-size it for my height. He has also been working on some nano-cybernetic technology. I didn't follow his explanation (a lot of hand waving and pointing to blueprints), but it appears that he has equipped his pet hamster with a wi-fi connection! I told him that it was very impressive and that I would like to able to link to machinery with my mind as well. I think he understood my meaning.

I made certain to speak very CLEARLY and very LOUDLY.