Getting back up on that atomic horse.

I once again have gathered the parts for my power-endowing device. This time, I had some trouble getting it to work, so I have been forced to once again dip into the murky pool of gullible University students. But, I have learned from my earlier mistakes, um, experiences. First of all, I have opted for a non-english speaker, I believe his name is "Zhou", "Zoo", "Zu", or something like that. It sounds like the place of captivity that I shall soon place the world in. He is an engineering student, so he has the necessary technical expertise to assist me. My previous idiot intern was, of course, on the other farthest possible side of the spectrum in the regard.

He is Korean. Or maybe Chinese? I don't really know, I can't understand a word that he's saying. Really, I see the human race as one single group, so why differentiate by randomly determined national borders? They will all fall under the shadow of my iron fist eventually, so why worry about it? He is a hard worker, and has obeyed even my harshest commands without question. It's nice to have a competent minion (for once). Hear that, Hunter? Idiot.

Despite our language incompatibility, he seems to grasp the mechanical aspects of what I'm aiming for. That's refreshing. Also, I really, really love being able to casually discuss his eventual execution right in front of his face. He'll just smile and nod.

"After I gain god-like powers you will have the honor of being my first extermination! Aren't you lucky, Zhou?"