No, no, that's fine.

I'm going to be realistic about this, the so-called super-heroes generally come out on top in the Hero/Villain conflict. Losing round one to the Green Hunter is no big deal. So what? He beat me up? Well, I have no hand to hand combat training (yet!), so that's to be expected. After all, he was an idiot frat brother. He's probably spent his entire college life having homo-erotic wrestling skirmishes and getting into bar brawls. That fine. And yeah, he might have smashed up the Atom-Vortex before he left. But I can rebuild it. Mostly. There were a lot of extra pieces that probably aren't even necessary! It's just cutting out the fat of the machine really. Now it's going to be even more powerful.

I don't even care that he left for the city to become a super-hero. It's just one more bug to squash later. In fact, it's better that I created him. Now we have a dynamic that links us together. Now I'll be able to cut him deeper than any other villain could. I can be the one to destroy his wife/girlfriend/gay-lover. Yes, definitely gay-lover. The more I think about it, the more I think that this was an important step in placing myself into the larger super-hero/villain sphere. Now I have a seat at the table. I'm in the game. (Pending obtaining super abilities, of course.) Yes, this is absolutely the best possible outcome. Excepting obtaining infinite power and ruling over reality, I guess.

That's why I'm totally not losing my mind that the Skyline Trumpet's huge headline is "GREEN HUNTER SAVES CITY". I'm happy that in his first day in the world's premier super-city my own lil' Hunter stopped a major Subterranasaur invasion that had knocked out a bunch of A-list heroes. I mean, it's all thanks to me. I gave him his powers. I choose such an idiot that he didn't know to be afraid. He's so stupid that he circled all the way around to brilliant in this case. Good for him.

When he succeeds, I succeed. In a way. In a totally, totally real way.